Thursday, August 29, 2013

Let me introduce myself.

   I am Laura's husband Jason.  Laura and I have been talking for almost year now, about me posting on here and she has finally wore me down.  HAHA, just kidding honey.

   So for my first post on here I figured I would just tell you guys a little bit about myself and basically what I am going to be posting about.

   First a little background on me and who I am.  I grew up about 15 miles out of a small south Texas hick town and bounce around and tried many things to get to where I am at today.  So anyway, enough about how I grew up, I think I will take you on the journey from when I met my beautiful wife to now.

   About 12 years ago, I can not believe that it has been that long, I met my wife and we went out on our first date and we have been together since.  It is hard to believe that she has not put a large policy on me and taken me out considering at time I have been not an easy man to deal with.  About 6 years ago she started going to church and me being the stubborn idiot I can be would not go with her and the kids.  I always had a reason that I could not go, whether it was work or I was just to tired to go.  I mean I believed in God and Jesus, I just didn't think that I had to go to church to prove it.  So after a couple of months she finally wore me down (lol), and I went to church with her.  I still took my own ride though, my way of thinking was "if I didn't like what this preacher man was sayin' I was leavin'."

   The funny thing was I really was into what was being said, so I kept going to this church.  The only problem I had with the church was it was one of those mega churches.  Like I said I grew up in a hick town, so when you went to church you shook the preacher's hand.  So on Wednesdays there was a little church about 6 blocks from my house and my kids wanted to go to the kid's activities on that evening.  Well I saw this as a 1 hour baby-sitter that Laura and I could go have coffee or something, but the preacher was stalking us.  Now I know a thing or 2 about being stalk, that is how I have ended up married and now have a church family for the last 6 years, so it worked out.  After awhile of the stalking as I call it, I looked at Laura and said let's give this church a try.

   Fast forward to now, we have been attending this church for about 6 years now and are highly active in it.  I play drums and do some vocals with the praise team along with teaching Sunday school to kindergarten through second grade. After I get through with them and they move to the third grade my lovely wife takes over.  She also sings with the choir, does solo's and stands in with the praise team.  Nobody tell her, I really like hearing her sing with the praise team, I kind of have a front row seat, since I have in ear monitors, so I can hear her sing really well.

   Now I have rambled on about my past long enough.  After much thought, prayer and discussion, with God and my wife, because I didn't know what to blog about, here is what has been put on my heart to write about.  I will be writing about and taking pictures of different pieces of furniture I built for Laura.  She has a long list so I know we can talk about that for at least the next 20 years or so. With that I will talk about the different tools I am using, so you can get out there and build things yourself.  Also we live on the Gulf Coast, I would like to talk with you about being prepared for the next storm or whatever comes our way, the products you can get to be prepared and what the Bible says about being a "prepper".  Plus I am open to ideas and questions so if you have any just let me know.  Above all that we will have topics about God and Jesus.  I will be trying to post at least once a week if not more, being a driver working almost 70 hours a week it will be very challenging.

  So now it begins, sorry this one is so long.  Have a good week and we will talk soon.  God bless.


  1. Hi, Jason! Nice to "meet" you! lol I'm interested to see your posts. :)

  2. Thanks Emily. I can say it should be interesting since I have never really tried do anything like this.